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  • An immensely powerful insecticide
  • Comes with a full pesticide approval license
  • Makes up to 500 litres of solution
  • Destroys thrips, leaf miners and spider mites
  • Fast-acting and highly effective
  • Can destroy entire colonies with one application
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Killermite is the latest product in the legendary Plant Vitality range, formulated to control western flower thrips, leaf miners and two-spotted spider mites. It tackles infestations quickly and effectively, helping to reduce stress and minimise any damage caused. Better yet one 250ml bottle makes up to 500 litres, enough for virtually any sized garden.


1 x 250ml bottle of Killermite

How Killermite Works:

Killermite is a powerful insecticide that works quickly and effectively to destroy infestations of flower thrips, leaf miners and spider mites. As anybody who’s had to deal with such pests will know, once you’ve spotted the symptoms, you need to act and act fast,. In order to reduce the damage to your crop (and the impact to the final yield).

Killermite is the only insecticide that’s going to tackle the issue immediately, its going to kill those mites.

Killermite uses abamectin, a compound that is deadly to insects, but with a relatively low toxicity for mammals, it causes a form of paralysis to the insects upon contact.

How to use Killermite Concentrate:

Killermite should be diluted with water, added to your spray gun and sprayed over both sides of the leaves of your plants. Always do this when the lights are off to avoid causing an electrical hazard. The correct way to use Killermite depends on the species you are trying to eliminate:

For Western Flower Thrips, apply at the first sign of nymphs. Make 2 or 3 applications, leaving a week between treatments. Mix at a rate 0.5ml per litre of water

For Leaf Miners, apply at the first sign of leaf miner crop damage. Leave a week between each application, and dilute a rate of 0.5ml per litre of water

For Two-Spotted Spider Mites, apply immediately after spotting mites or leaf damage. Use Killermite on its own for the first week. If the problem persists, use it in combination with another product with a different mode of action. Dilute at a rate of 0.25ml per litre of water

Contains Abamectin 1.84%

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