Atomic Yield

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Plant Vitality Atomic Yield offers numerous benefits including:

  • Increases Plants Ability To Flower
  • Increases The Essential Oil Content In Fruits
  • Adds Size & Mass To Flowers In The Budding & Flowering Cycles
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Plant Vitality LQD Nitrogen is a very powerful root growth simulator with a specific blended combination of NPK, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, selected plant Vitamins, Lecithin and Protein Molecules to stimulate multi root development.

Atomic Yields ingredients are passed through a nano particle reactor resulting in a delivery of ingredients never paralleled by another product in its class.

Nano particles are smaller and uniform in size, which will scientifically deliver faster absorption to roots and plants which speeds up and increases the size of harvest.

Used as an early bloom enhancer to increase the speed of flowering plants delivering rapid bud development. Atomic Yield will add size and volume to flowers whilst enhancing the end product.

A high ratio of Potassium encourages photosynthesis and starch production whilst the Phosphorus aids metabolic rate, two essential elements in the growth of flowers and fruits.

Atomic Yield delivers compact tight bud sites, whilst increasing the essential oil contents in herbs.

Use at the onset of flowering at 2.5ml per litre of water until 3 weeks before harvest. During those final three weeks Plant Vitality PK Boost 9/18 should be used as a stand alone booster or along side Plant Vitality Anabolic Plant Roids.

Due to the compact bud site developed and increased pollen and resin, users may wish to use Plant Vitality Terpinoid based BPM in the final stages of flowering to prevent rot.

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