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Root Zone Mass

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Plant Vitality RZM offers numerous benefits including:

  • Increased Root Mass
  • Increased Nutrient Absorbency
  • Increased Metabolic Potential
  • Improved Metabolic Potential
  • Improved Resistance to Fungal Attack
  • Stronger Plant Development
  • Faster Root Development
  • Increased Yield Potential
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Plant Vitality Root Zone Mass (RZM) is a very powerful root growth simulator with a specific blended combination of NPK, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, selected plant Vitamins, Lecithin and Protein Molecules to stimulate multi root development.

RZM’s formula promotes the desired root structure for plants to transport nutrient to maximum advantage. RZM is designed to be used in all substrates, hydroponic and airoponic systems.

Plant Vitality RZM is the product of three years research and analytical study into the correlation between root growth and plant potential. Our research team have tried, tested and analysed an extensive range of products individually and in many varying combinations to find the best and most efficient root stimulator for our Plant Vitality range.

We are happy to give Root zone mass the Plant Vitality label and believe that you too will be extremely satisfied with results following use of RZM.

Advantages of Root Zone Mass

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