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Nitric Acid 70% Laboratory Reagent grade 2.5 litres

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Nitric Acid Lab grade 70%
Nitric acid is a conjugate acid of a nitrate. The nitrogen atom is bonded to both a hydroxy group and two oxygen atoms, notated as HNO3. It has a molecular weight of 63.013 g/mol, is very soluble in water, is a strong oxidizer, and is a good conductor of electricity.
Chemical formula: HNO3
Molar mass: 63.012 g·mol−1
Density: 1.51 g cm−3, 1.41 g cm−3 [68% w/w]
Melting point: −42 °C (−44 °F; 231 K)
Boiling point: 83 °C (181 °F; 356 K) 68% solution boils at 121 °C (250 °F; 394 K)
Appearance: Colorless, yellow or red fuming liquid
Odor: acrid, suffocating
Solubility in water: Completely miscible
Magnetic susceptibility (χ): −1.99×10−5 cm3/mol
Top Uses
Purifying metals
Dye Intermediate
Drug detection
Furniture Coating
Laboratory Use

Commercial grade, which your average quality, is usually comprised of nitric acid solutions that are between 52% and 68% nitric acid and the remaining part is water.

Laboratories need a higher grade and their concentrations are generally 70% to 99% nitric acid. When a solution is made up of more than 86% nitric acid, it is then referred to as a fuming nitric acid. When it reaches concentrations over 98% it can be broken down into two separate classifications; white fuming nitric acid or red fuming nitric acid.

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