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Benzyl Benzoate 99.99%

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Benzyl benzoate : An organic compound which is used as a medication and insect repellent.

As a medication it is used to treat scabies and lice.

For scabies either permethrin or malathion is typically preferred.

It is applied to the skin as a lotion. Typically two to three applications are needed. It is also present in Balsam of Peru, Tolu balsam, and in a number of flowers.

Side effects may include irritation of the skin. It is not recommended in children. It is also used in other animals; however, it is considered toxic to cats


Benzyl Benzoate Uses

Do research for dilution/dosage etc. before use.

  • Used in creation of many asthma and whooping cough drugs
  • As an excipient in some testosterone-replacement medications
  • As a topical acaricide, scabicide and pediculicide in veterinary hospitals
  • As a repellent for chiggers, ticks and mosquitoes
  • As a dye carrier
  • As a solvent for cellulose derivatives
  • As a plasticiser
  • As a fixative in perfume industry

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