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Flush Solution

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Plant Vitality has hit upon a revolution in horticulture, and that is Nano Particle Technology. By smashing particles together at an elemental level, they are broken down to a tiny size. What this means is that each bottle contains a solution of equal size molecules. Not only does this ensure that each bottle is the same as the last, it means that nutrient absorption is at an absolute maximum. The tiny, tiny size of the particles means that more can be in contact with roots than other nutrient brands. It’s also available in a state that the plant can take up quickly, without having to break it down itself.


Plant Vitality End of Days is suitable for use in any hydroponic system including NFT, DWC or flood and drain. Of course, if you are hand watering it is fine too! Also, it’s fine for using in any substrate from soil and coco to hydroponic media such as rockwool and pebbles. For best results, we always suggest following the manufacturers grow schedule. This way you know your plants will be getting everything it needs at the right time.

End of Days can be used between growth & bloom phase to aid nutrient uptake for the professional growers (2 days max)

A multipurpose cleansing and balancing solution for healthier, balanced growth
and cleaner yields.

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