A recent batch 0f 24 ozone machines were sent to a client, they had ran out of stock and thankfully we were able to help in yet again record time for ozone machine production, we seem to be getting good at over delivering, we are now tasked with ensuring a regular supply reaches our customers once again.

Many customers had tried cheaper to market ozone machines and realised they simply weren’t fit for sale, hence coming back to a trusted device that produces where it matters. a fit and forget solution that is robust and originally designed by a former RR chief designer, modified by a leading aeronautical expert for increased durability and working life.

Ozone machines can be purchased wholesale through our partners, we also service ozone machines in house for a fee of just £250 pounds for an annual service. your ozone machine will be refitted internally. we offer this service to customers wishing to ensure their machine stays in peak performance, servicing of machines is an annual event for customers. we are unable to service machines that are more than 2 years old and have not had a service after the first year.