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20 litre Bio Ethanol Track Day Special 97%

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6 Science proudly present our Bio ethanol Fire place fuel now in 5 litre jerry cans after many requests from the car racing community.

We are happy to serve the car racing community, and like you, we firmly believe racing should be done on the track not on the roads.

Although this fuel is designed for indoor fireplaces we know that you put this in your cars, the idea of carrying multiple litre bottles with you doesnt appeal.

This fuel should be used at your discrection as no liability can be placed upon 6 Science for inproper use of this bio ethanol fireplace fuel.

Our Bio ethanol is as clean as it possibly can be, however by law it contains very small ammounts of ingredients that are damaging to rubber components often found in cars, so users should be advised of this and certainly not store Bio ethanol for longer than necessary in your cars.

Again 6 Science accepts no liability for the use of bio ethanol.

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