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About Nano Particles

Nano Technology is the biggest thing you’ll never see

The Plant Vitality range of products have been designed using state of the art nano-technology equipment in collaboration with leading British University experts and scientists in the field.  We no longer just mix nutrients, we smash them.

Our Products are run through unique purpose built reactors to produce the optimum sized Nano particles. 

Nano particles are minimal in size, length and width.  Crucially their perfectly uniformed structure allows each and every bottle and every user to experience the same growth potential with every crop.

Nano technology helps promote growth in plants through the conservation of energy required to absorb nutrients.

All of our agricultural chemicals have been designed and manufactured to strict size specific constraints, providing a consistent product that is readily soluble in water, whereby every particle in every bottle is uniform in size.

Through Dynamic Light Scattering analysis, the graph shows the particle size distribution of our product (RZM) compared to a lead competitor equivalent product.

Simple Science

Imagine a sugar cube in a glass of water, and a glass containing sugar granules.  The granules would dissolve faster owing to a greater surface. Now imagine Plant vitality as ridiculously fine sugar granules – this is how our products differs from all others, the larger surface area allows increased exposure to reaction to the root zone easing consumption for the plant.

Nuts and bolts of the Plant Vitality process

High Product Uniformity from bottle to bottle

Optimised particle size

Faster dissolving particles into water

Product is taken up quicker by plants

Consistent results from crop to crop

We don’t just mix nutrients, we annihilate particles, creating a nano homogenised product like no other