Growing Basics

 Relative Humidity


Seeding and Cutting Stage:
Relative Humidity (RH) of 70-80% is ideal to ensure seedlings do not allow much of their energy into their transpiration process. This allows your seedlings to focus their energy into root and leaf growth. Seedlings and cuttings need to maintain some level of transpiration in order to draw up nutrients from the growing medium.

Vegetative Growth :
As your plants increase in size so does transpiration potential, this permits a greater range of RH from anywhere from 50-80%.

Flowering Growth:
In order to prevent rot in flower and bud formation, RH should be kept much lower in flowering stage at a range of 40 – 50%, as a preventative to bud rot formation we suggest use of BPM (Botrytis and powdery Mildew treatment) as a preventative and a bolts and braces insurance policy



Temperature effects inter-nodal length. The further apart day-time and night-time temperatures, the longer the inter-nodal lengths grow, the closer these temperatures are, the smaller the inter-nodal lengths grow. Therefore and for the first few weeks only when in flowering cycle, an increase of night time temperature benefits plants, however this is only true for the first few weeks, after this normal temperature should be resumed to reduce the chances of stress, if this practice is carried out for longer than three weeks, your plant leaves may begin to discolor due to leaf chlorosis.

Temperature Easy Grow Guide


Day time temperature should reach 24°C (75-85 degrees Fahrenheit)

First two weeks of flowering, night time temperature should be around 24°C (70-72 degrees Fahrenheit)

Consecutive weeks of flowering night time temperature at 22°C (70-72 degrees Fahrenheit)

Last two weeks of flowering temperature can be reduced to 17 – 19°C (62 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit) to increase production of anthocyanin, however this is not essential if hard to achieve.


Folia Spraying


Plant Vitality folia sprays that are absorbed by the plant such as Seed Speed, Silicilate or PK Boost can be mixed and sprayed just prior to lights being high, these are systemic sprays. Due to the Nano particle nature of plant vitality products greater absorbency is achieved.

Anabolic Plant Roids can be sprayed at any time however achieves greatest results when light is high

Folia sprays are best applied using fine mist sprays to increase surface area and absorption

Products such as Plant Vitality Killermite and BPM (Botrytis and Powdery Mildew) are best applied when light is low, these are none systemic sprays and thus not absorbed by the plant.

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